Charities are sitting on a treasure trove of data. Valuable information on beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers as well as invoice and payment details can be sold by cyber criminals and used to attack the charity and identify other targets. The DCMS Cyber Security Survey 2022 found that:

* 30% of charities reported a cyber breach in the previous 12 months

* 26% of those experience a cyber attack each week.

It is no surprise then that 72% of charities rate cyber security as a high priority.

The Cyber Essentials certification focuses on 5 key controls which can imrove your cyber security significantly. To help more charities gain the benefits of these controls, we are offering discounts on Cyber Essentials to qualifying charities.

The discounts prices depend on the size of your charity and are:

You must apply by 5pm on 17th November 2023 and provide your registered charity number. You must start the certification process within one month of application and must have completed and submitted the assessment by 17th May 2024.

Apply Now (please mention the Charity Cyber Essentials Fortnight campaign to receive your discount)