Cyber Essentials

Protect against 80% of common internet-borne threats

Cyber Essentials logoThe UK Government has established the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) to provide support and guidance to businesses of all sizes to protect themselves against a range of cyber attacks. For smaller organisations, the NCSC recommends Cyber Essentials as the initial minimum security standard and the scheme is now mandatory for central government contracts which involve handling personal information and providing certain ICT products and services.

The scheme provides clarity on good basic cyber security practices, which are designed to protect companies from the most common internet-borne information security threats. As such it provides an excellent guideline to an initial minimum-security standard for all companies. Cyber Essentials focuses on 5 key technical controls to reduce your cyber risk:

  • Secure your Internet connection
  • Secure your devices and software
  • Control access to your data and services
  • Protect from viruses and other malware
  • Keep your devices and software up to date.

Amwell works with you to identify gaps between your current security arrangements and the requirements of the scheme. We can then recommend the most cost-effective way to bridge those gaps to achieve the certification.

We are also a Certifying Body for Cyber Essentials, which means that when you are ready to apply for certification, we are authorised by the relevant authorities to review your application (a Self-Assessment Questionnaire) and decide whether to issue a certificate of compliance. In addition, on successful certification for Cyber Essentials, we are able to offer free Cyber Liability insurance of up to £25,000

(Terms & conditions apply – please contact us for details).

Your route to Cyber Essential certification

You can apply to us directly for Cyber Essential certification and request the level of support you require to complete your application: Independent, Remote support or On-site support. Pricing depends on the size of your organisation as explained in our blog post.